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Architecture+ adopted leading edge CAD technology more than two decades ago and has successfully utilized and refined this method of project delivery in design and for construction documents in architecture, civil engineering and structural engineering. The firm has more recently begun working in the next generation of computer technology related to design and construction of buildings - Building Information Modeling, or BIM, whereby a “virtual building” is modeled and used in the delivery process.

Fully developed, the BIM process incorporates and integrates into the “virtual building” model, all information relating to the architecture, the assembly and details of the building components, the structural engineering and the M+E systems of the building. The firm is working towards fully developed BIM, which can provide for greater efficiency, better coordination of the buildings elements and in early detection of conflicts within the systems. After completion, the BIM model is a valuable tool for Facilities Management.

Architecture+ has operated with BIM in design and construction documents on a number of projects, including new barracks for the Louisiana National Guard. Our largest project, in which BIM was adopted for the architecture and structural engineering, involves the first two buildings on the campus of the Delta Community College located in Monroe, Louisiana.


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